India here I come…

India here I come…

The countdown has started…in less than a week I will leave for India, my first time in this unknown, mysterious, fascinating country.

My destination is Bangalore, where I’ll land and after 5 hrs drive I’ll arrive at AyurYoga Eco-Ashram my new home for the coming 4 weeks!
After many internet researches and many days wondering where to go and made up my mind and chosen the AyurYoga Eco-Ashram, located in 18 acres of organic farm, a Yoga and Ayurveda retreat centre located on the banks of River Kabini in the peaceful countryside of Mysore, Karnataka.

Here on February 14th I will start the Yoga Teacher Training, my journey into the  philosophical and spiritual aspects of yoga, along with intense practice of Asanas and Pranayamas of Hatha Yoga. I will be immerged in Mother Nature and beging my journey into the Spiritual Healing of Body-Mind, learnning about spiritual and cultural exchange between East and West, as envisioned by Swami Vivekananda, remaining a non-religious ashram, they show their respect and take inspiration from the ancient yogis of India, to all modern spiritual mystics. Nevertheless, the main purpose of the this place is to create a suitable environment to practice spiritual sadhana, irrespective of the personal beliefs students may follow.

I’m beyond excited to embark in this life changing journey and I’m open to embrace new experiences with an open mind, accept the gifts that I will be offered and welcome all  the people that I will meet with an open heart.

More to come!