To go on a Yoga Retreat

To go on a Yoga Retreat


Maybe your friend went on a yoga retreat that changed their life, or your yoga teacher has asked if you’d like to book a spot on her upcoming getaway.

If you don’t have any yoga retreat experience, it can seem a little mysterious. What’s involved — and what will you get out of it?

#1 A yoga retreat for beginners will lay solid foundations

If you’re a beginner, it’s totally normal to think you’re not ready for a retreat.

But, if you choose a yoga holiday that welcomes beginners, or is specifically designed as an introduction to yoga, you’ll learn the basics of the practice under the close guidance of a supportive teacher.

#2 If you’re more experienced, you’ll deepen your practice — quickly

Equally, retreats are perfect for experienced yogis who want to learn more and deepen their practice.

You’ll have the full attention of your teacher(s) for the duration of the yoga retreat. You can ask questions, get help with specific postures, and learn more than you can in your usual class.

#3 You’ll gain new perspective

Going away anywhere helps to shift your perspective so you can see your life at home more clearly. But a yoga retreat benefits your mindset more powerfully; with daily practices to uplift your energy, as well as the simple fact that you’re out of your usual environment.

#4 You’ll make new friends

Let’s face it, making friends as an adult is hard. But on a yoga retreat, you have the time and space to build close friendships with new people. This happens naturally, without pressure; because you’re all there together, settling into yourselves and exploring your edges; and as you relax you begin to open up.

#5 Nourish your body with healthy food

Most retreats have a professional chef on hand to make you healthy, balanced and deliciously nutritious meals and snacks all day long.

If you would like to join our next yoga retreat is in Apulia, in May 2022 but you have questions or doubts or worries please get in touch with us: info@amorescapes.com