What Aim True Means to You?

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What Aim True Means to You?


I came across a review of Kathryn Budig’s book “AIM TRUE” and I was compelled to buy immediately online and since I received it couple of days later I could not stop reading it.

Yoga teacher and inspirational speaker Kathryn Budig is known for her ability to encourage others to set their intentions and goals, no matter how lofty, and work towards them while staying true to oneself.
In Aim True, Budig extends her empowering message beyond the mat. Life is an adventure that is meant to be explored, challenged, and fully lived. The best part? When you approach life with an open mind and heart, the possibilities are endless.

“Make your aim energetically true to what brings you happiness.
Let go of the need to march in a straight line, and remember that life is cyclical..Don’t jump off the ride; don’t give in to stagnation. Take a deep breath, claim your purpose, and remember that your aim is ever-changing. Allow yourself to evolve into the person you’ve always been, and set yourself free.”

You can find more about Kathryn on her website and follow her on Instagram