Pak Man the Balinese healer

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Pak Man the Balinese healer

When organizing a journey to Bali, I mean not just a simple trip, but a journey to discover a new place, its culture and tradition, you have to add to your list a visit to a healer. I asked my friend Stuart Gemmel, GM of the beautiful Purist Villas, if he knew a healer that he would recommend to me and my friends. The name of Pak Man came up and we booked 3 appointments.

When finally the time arrived to meet with Pak Man we decided that Paola, yoga teacher and shiatzuka; would be the first to “try” the healer experience. I found myself sitting with Lucinda, Pak Man’s wife, their dogs and Pak Man, my role such as Lucinda is to translate to Paola and Lucinda to translate to Pak Man and vice versa.

Paola experience was very positive and she told Micaela and I to complete trust Pak Man, he was real and he was great. Then it was Micaela’s turn and eventually it was my time with Pak Man. He looked straight in my eyes and started to talk to me, Lucinda was there to help to translate “How can Pak Man be of help today?”

The sky was overcast. The air was humid and thick with the smell of earth. It was just Lucinda, Pak-Man and myself.
I told Pak Man about a very difficult moment I experienced 2 years earlier when I overworked myself not only physically but also mentally. One day my all being could not get up from the bed and exhaustion came in. I went a long way but still I felt a burden on my chest and often very tired.

Balance is a big part of Balinese Hinduism and is believed to be the primary source of healing the mind, body and spirit. Lucinda explained me that when we have an imbalance with our four spirits: liver, spleen, kidneys and heart, it causes problems with physical and spiritual balance.

Pak Man never left my eyes and kept on talking telling me that he knew that I had very difficult moments in my life but these shadows were behind me and I had to look in front of me, where the sun is and never turn back.
I felt as all my walls that I had been building through the years had just collapsed. I felt very emotional and fragile at the same time.

“It’s learning how to balance and control our thoughts that is the key.” Lucinda translated for Pak Man

Paola told me that Pak Man’s massage was painful but I had no idea. With his eyes closed, Pak-Man first started to recite a prayer asking for my healing and the dug into my blockages simply by feel. He started from my feet. Each toe was in pain and then he was triggering another point and the previous pain was gone. I cannot explain it better but the entire body that was somehow in pain then it was freed and light. And it was not only my body that was lighter, my mind too was clear and awake. He told that there was a spirit of sadness that the had to remove from me that was put on me from someone else. I said loud “who did this??” He replied “Don’t worry about it, it’s gone”

I stayed little longer to chat with Pak Man and Lucinda, one of his dog decided to come and sleep at my feet, I never felt so at home with myself. I think often of Pak Man, humble and wise man, and I look forward to have another moment with him, feeling his deep caring energy and his compassionate eyes into mine.


1. Make an appointment

To make an appointment with Pak Man in Ubud please contact his wife, Lucinda, by mobile: 0813 3893 5369
You have to book Pak Man at least a month in advance to ensure your space.

2. Dress Respectfully

Depending on who the healer is, you may need to wear a sarong and temple sash. Shoulders, midriff, arms and legs should ideally be covered. However, I recommend being covered with loose clothing as these clothes will be moved and oils will be sued on the skin during the work.

3. If you are menstruating, You can’t do it

It is considered unclean to enter a temple or Kamar suci (holy rooms) when menstruating. This is a “painful “ treatment so it is best to experience healing at a time other than a woman cycle.

4. Payment

Never hand money directly to a healer as a symbol of respect. Inquire first if payment is by donation or a fee, and place it in an envelope or a canang (flower offering) and leave it with a member of the family or in the family temple. Pak man costs about 500,000 IDR, an equivalent to abut $37 U.S.

More About Pak Man
Pak Man is one of the Bali’s better-known energy healers. His methods include deep healing massage and his own medicinal oils. He treats everything from depression, drug addiction, black magic and even broken bones. His sessions last about one hour.

Pak man sees three to four foreigners a day and then reserves time for local people at night. It takes a lot mentally and spiritually to treat others. No one can give from an empty well. They need time to rejuvenate as well.

Pak Man lives in Kutuh Kaja which is also a 20 minute drive from Central Ubud.
Price for a treatment is 550,000IDR (about 35/40€)
Tel Lucinda: (+62) – 81-338 935 369
Pundung Kembar
Jl. Tirta Tawar, Br. Kutuh Kaja, Ubud,
Gianyar – Bali