Yoga escapes

That’s Amore escapes are designed for anyone desiring to find peace, balance, harmony, joy, and a good diet to improve health, practice daily yoga and meditation while enjoying a unique and amazing vacation in Italy.

Well balanced meals, dedicated time for nourishing the soul and well planned activities to discover aspects of the Italian culture are without doubt essential elements for eliminating accumulated stress and reconnecting the spirit to the body.

Notice the differences and progress in your body as the retreat’s regimen will improve your health. When you are not doing yoga, you can also enjoy discovering the beautiful regions of Italy.

Why a yoga Escape?

Each year thousands of people travel around the globe to experience the benefits of attending a yoga retreat. If you’ve ever considered going on a yoga retreat but need a little extra convincing, keep reading to learn what you can get out of one if you do go. There are many great reasons you should look in to this type of transformational vacation option rather than the typical aimless sightseeing that most vacations can become. So if you want to let go of stress, meet open-minded, worldly and loving people – while discovering Italy — then you’ll definitely want to consider a That’s Amore Yoga Escapes!



Taking a break and focusing on your self-care is a big part of staying healthy. When you leave your worries, to-do lists and stresses behind, suddenly you have 24 hours a day to pamper yourself, dive deep into your mind and emotions and see where you stand in the life-work-relationship-health-harmony continuum. You may just discover some deep personal truths from this inner journey that allow you to create more space for what’s truly important when you get back home. Insights are plentiful and abundant when on a yoga retreat — just be sure to keep your pen and journal handy to write them down so they are not soon forgotten.



Being mindful means witnessing what’s happening and what you’re doing. It expands your awareness of the impact your actions have on the environment and people around you. When you travel to an exotic location for a yoga retreat, you commit to becoming more mindful. You can’t help it. There are other people with you, and what you do and say will be noticed. The more you focus on being positive, the more you will notice others respond. These experiences help you see how mindful you really are and the many ways you are not. From there, you can choose to improve yourself every day. That is part of the benefit and the process you undergo. It is very transformational.



We all have things that we need to let go of. It’s part of living. When we choose to better ourselves, we choose to let go of the past. That includes letting go of guilt, shame, fear or any negative emotion you are holding on to from the past. When you let go of the past, you free up a tremendous amount of energy to create an even more amazing life. This is one of the greatest benefits of attending a yoga retreat. You can start anew and choose to live in the present moment thereafter.