Preparing for your yoga retreat

Preparing for your yoga retreat

If this will be your first ever yoga retreat, you’re probably a little worried about whether you’ll be able to manage everything that’s expected of you and you’re probably thinking that if you could just be better prepared, you’d feel more relaxed when you finally arrive at your destination. After all, most people don’t do yoga for two or more hours every day, and certainly not for several days in a row, so it isn’t surprising that some people are naturally a bit worried that they won’t be able to keep up with the other yogis when they arrive.

The good news for yogis old and new is that there’s absolutely nothing to worry about. You’ll cope just fine, however often you’ve practiced yoga. Even if you’re completely new to it, you’ll find that you can manage perfectly well since you can just work at your own pace and explore your practice in the way that best suits you.

1. Keep Up with your practice

It’s an obvious tip, but if you keep practicing before you head off to your retreat, you’ll feel more mentally and physically prepared when you arrive. If possible, add in a couple more classes and keep your practice as balanced as possible trying different styles.

2. Pack Light

There is absolutely no need to take tons of stuff with you to a yoga retreat, so part of your preparation should center around what not to take rather than what you should be putting in your suitcase. You won’t need 20 pairs of yoga leggings and you won’t be wearing makeup or using a hair dryer. Just pack light and keep luggage to a minimum. You’ll probably wear the same few outfits repeatedly because it’s simple and convenient, and there’s no primping or preening at a yoga retreat. Everyone just accepts each other as they are, whether they’ve got frizzy hair, bad skin, or the same clothes every day!

3. Think about your intention

What is your sankalpa or intention for your retreat? Why do you want to go to a yoga retreat at all? What do you want to get out of it? Perhaps you want to learn to meditate more effectively, or perhaps you want to widen your yoga practice. Some people go to yoga retreats to heal themselves spiritually, physically, and emotionally. Whatever your reasons, you should make sure that you acknowledge them and honor them.

4. Eat Mindfully

A yoga retreat usually offers you the chance to eat some amazing, healthful food with minimal processed products, no caffeine, alcohol, or meat.

When you’re preparing for your retreat, cut back on processed foods and flush the toxins from your system a couple of weeks before you head off. Try including more vegetables, fruits and whole foods into your daily eating plan so that you already feel-good inside and out, all ready to find a more radiant and healthy self on your retreat.

5. Find out about the destination

When you’re heading off to a yoga retreat overseas one of the best things is getting to know an exciting new country with its own culture, heritage, and sights to explore. Find out more about the place that you are visiting and learn about what that region is best known for. See if you can find sufficient time to plan in excursions so that you can really immerse yourself in the full experience of the country you are going to. Learning more about the destination that you’re going to will also get you more excited about your trip and will get you in the right frame of mind to maximize the experience.

Above all, when heading off to a yoga retreat, no matter where in the world it may be, you need to manage the expectations that you have about what you’re going to get out of the experience. Asking the retreat leader about anything you’re concerned about or anything you need clarified before you go is very important so that you’ll be well prepared for what everything will be like. If it’s your first retreat you are naturally probably quite nervous and having the reassurance of a clear idea of what you can expect will prepare you mentally and physically for what is sure to be an amazing experience for you.5. Find out about the destination

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Illustration by August Wren