Till we meet again Pak Man

Till we meet again Pak Man

When I met Pak Man 2 years ago I knew that we would see each other again and this past summer I was blessed to organise a Bali Escape and during our stay in Ubud we scheduled time with this wonderful man.

My second experience with Pak Man was completely different from the first one, the massage he gave me was surprisingly less painful and he worked different parts of my body, he gave a homemade ointment to drink and recited a balinese prayer for my healing. I was again surprised by the strong connection and total trust I have for Pak Man.

Pak Man knows and sees everything, you need only to let go and trust his wisdom. Each appointment for all the ladies was different and they all brought back a personal and unique experience with him.

Pak Man has been through a lot in his life, the training to become a healer as a young boy was beyond hard and he is been to hell and back, he knows pain and suffering and you don’t have to feel ashamed to share yours with him. Pak Man is one of the rare real healers of Bali.

Many of you have reached out to me to get an appointment with Pak Man and the only way to contact him is to call his home in Ubud and talk to his wonderful wife Lucinda.

You have to try and not give up if Lucinda doesn’t reply immediately, she may be in the garden or running some errands so please try again. Please be aware that the phone is connected only in certain hours, so I strongly suggest to call between 8am to 10am Paris/Rome time. I called this morning and spoke to Lucinda, so their phone is working.

If you are calling from abroad you have to dial + 62 (area code for Bali) 81-338 935 369 But if you are already in Bali you have to dial 081-338 935 369

Pak Man and Lucinda live in Kutuh Kaja which is also a 20 minute drive from Central Ubud.
Price for a treatment is 550,000 IDR (about 35/40€)
Tel Lucinda: (+62) – 81-338 935 369
Pundung Kembar
Jl. Tirta Tawar, Br. Kutuh Kaja, Ubud,
Gianyar – Bali

I’m planning to go back to Ubub again in 2020.

Till we meet again Lucinda and Pak Man, thank YOU.